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Traffic Management

Intelligent, safe, and sustainable traffic management systems

connect people, communities, and data.

Our intelligent traffic management solutions for urban and interurban contexts make it simpler for cities to construct safe and less congested traffic networks while balancing the requirements of a variety of people

We offer solutions to bring you there now and future, whether you need an advanced traffic control

device or solutions to to integrate regions, we have solutions to get you there today and tomorrow.


Smart Box


By integrating Smart Box with any Camera, It will make any camera smart.

svgexport-10 (7).png

Seatbelt Detection

svgexport-6 (25).png

Facial Recognition

svgexport-6 (27).png

Send emails on detections

svgexport-6 (50).png

Driver Phone call detection

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Smart Traffic Signal Light

Traffic signal control system is the basic and foundation to alleviate urban traffic congestion, the most basic work of traffic management, and also the core and key to improve the efficiency of urban road traffic.

Speed Traffic Cameras & Radar

InfoTraff had supplied and installed more than 50 Mobile Radar & 20 Fixed Radar all around Egypt.

• Can be Portable or Stationary.

• Can Cover up to 4 lane for Portable & up to 6 lane for Stationary.

• Work with Speed up to 250Km/h

• Can support white or IR Flash light


Traffic Violation Platform

It is a system through which the traffic violations committed by drivers can be collected through the cameras on the roads that record all the behaviors of the drivers of vehicles, and we also use the latest technological methods to determine the violations with high accuracy without human interaction


Traffic Violation Cameras

Drivers using their mobile phones on 88% of trips, there is no question that traffic accidents are on the rise. With the damage to property, headaches of insurance claims, and loss of work, it can be incredibly frustrating to be in an accident.

• No Seat Belt

• Phone Usage

• Illegal Parking

• Point-to-Point Speed

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